D&D 3E Charts and Tables

Last updated 05/18/2001.

The following collection of charts and tables is a compilation of information from various places in the D&D Third Edition Player's Handbook, D&D Third Edition Dungeon Master's Guide, and other official Wizards of the Coast Third Edition D&D sources. I claim no credit for the information itself, nor intend to violate any copyrights on the material. These charts and tables were simply reformatted for ease of use, particularly when creating, checking, or updating characters.
These tables in this format are copyright Maryrita F. Steinhour, 2001, where that copyright does not infringe upon Wizards of the Coast copyright of the material.

List of Character-related Tables

Character Level Summary
This table contains the collected character-level-dependent information. From this table it is easy to determine the changes as a character increases his character level.
Class Level Summary
This table does the same as the Character Level Summary, but for each individual class.
This is the feats table directly from the D&D Third Edition Player's Handbook.
This is a slightly reformatted version of the Skills Table in the D&D Third Edition Player's Handbook. The major formatting change is in moving the attribute and whether the skill can be used trained to the left side of the table. The major change is the addition of items that provide synergy or other bonuses to the skill checks.
Spell Tables
A collection of the spells-per-day and spells-known tables for all spellcasting classes.

Other Tables

3E Equipment List
Clothing and equipment list, including prices and weights.
Armor and armor statistics, sorted by category and armor name.
D&D Third Edition Notes on Magic Items
Various information from the Dungeon Master's Guide on magic items, including the limitations on numbers and where worn, and the item bonus types and stacking.
Greyhawk Gods and Domains
A listing of each of the Greyhawk deities, their portfolios, symbols, domains, etc.
Weapons and their statistics, sorted by category and weapon name.
Wild Surge Tables
Tables for minor and major wild surge results